Psychic Nuala is the real deal.

Psychic Nuala

Nuala did a reading for me and words cannot do the results justice. She mentioned my health and that unexpected money was coming my way. Typical I thought. But in all honesty, I was in hospital two weeks later and a month after that a small sum of money did come my way, just in… Read more “Psychic Nuala is the real deal.”

Michael Govers

Meeting Nuala for the first time was amazing

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  Nuala is so unbelievably gifted. To be honest I can’t rate her highly enough! What she did for me was very in-depth and so accurate. I was shocked at how quickly she picked up the energy of the person I was enquiring about. There is no way she could have guessed this person’s problem,… Read more “Meeting Nuala for the first time was amazing”

Alison Ingram

Thanks Nuala

Psychic Nuala

Nuala is very thorough and takes her time to explain the cards and the effect they have on each other. I found her to be very honest and caring and I can’t recommend her highly enough.… Read more “Thanks Nuala”

Enya Markey Navan

A life changing experience

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Since I started visiting Psychic Nuala for Tarot Card Readings I cannot begin to describe how my life has changed for the better. There was a time when my life was filled with a lack of everything, I honestly believed this was my lot in life and got on with it. I have now taken… Read more “A life changing experience”

Tom O’Brien